ANECCA Current Projects

ANECCA is implementing a UNICEF-Funded Programme relating to the UNICEF Country Programme for Uganda entitled “Strengthening adolescent and Pediatric Component of the National HIV Response”.

ANECCA with funding from The GLOBAL FUND, is implementing a regional program entitled “Catalyzing Access to quality services for Children and Adolescents living with HIV” in the 7 African Countries and these include; Burundi, Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. The program goal is “To improve the coverage and quality of HIV care, treatment and support for children and adolescents living with HIV in 7 countries”

ANECCA is implementing a psycho-social support and counselling training for paediatrics and adolescents among health workers in Malawi.

With funding from CIFF, EGPAF-Malawi contracted African Network for Care of Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (ANECCA) to provide training of Health Care Providers in Psycho-social Care and Counseling for HIV Infected Children and Adolescents.

The training is aimed at   equipping   health care providers in EGPAF-supported districts in Malawi with skills and knowledge in pediatric/adolescent HIV psycho-social care and counseling.