Our Vision: Healthy women, children and adolescents in Africa

Our Mission: To improve quality and comprehensive health and HIV services for children and adolescents by strengthening the material, newborn, child & adolescent health platform through partnerships

Promoting ways of improving the quality of clinical and non-clinical care

We are committed to promoting ways of improving coverage and quality of health services of children, adolescents and women affected by HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

ANECCA supports the improvement of the quality of life.

Anecca supports strengthening of health systems for women, newborn, children and adolescents.

Research and Innovations

Implementation science that informs that informs policies, guidelines and programming


  • Galvanizing Africa towards Ending AIDS by 2030

  • Zero new paediatric HIV infections through Mother-to-Child Transmission

  • Reduced mortality and morbidity among women, newborn, children and adolescents


We seek to build and strengthen the capacity of implementing partners necessary to catalyze efficient and effective MNCAH, paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery as well as continue to collaborate with partners to shape policies, influence service practice, advance knowledge, leverage technical assistance and transfer of best practices.The organization consists of a Board of Directors, Secretariat and members who are individuals involved in providing or promoting services for prevention and care of HIV in children and adolescents in Africa.


ANECCA is registered in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso and has focal persons in 15 other countries. ANECCA has collaborated with local, regional and global partners to address disparities in coverage and quality of health and HIV services, women, children and adolescents in Africa.


Contributed to reduction of mother to child transmission of HIV and reduction of HIV-related mortality in children and adolescents in at least 22 African countries.