Community APN testing in Iriri Napak district

The Activity supported 67 public health facilities to offer targeted HIV testing services using nationally approved strategies such as APN, Index testing, SNS and PITC among others. During the quarter, a total of 29,124 individuals were tested for HIV leading to a cumulative achievement of 36% (81,087) of the annual target. Overall, 132 (16.1% of annual target of 822) individuals tested HIV-positive in FY24 QTR1, leading to an overall positivity of 0.45% (132/29,124) (Table 13) and 100% linkage to care and treatment.  During the quarter, LPHS-Karamoja supported the implementation of proven HTS modalities ranging both at facility and community to ensure appropriate case identification and linkage to care. During the quarter, emphasis was placed on Health workers screening of all OPD clients for HTS eligibility using the National HTS screening tool and the testing of all eligible clients thereof. Recency data was also used to identify hotspot areas for targeted community outreach. The activities also focused on optimizing yield among men, adolescents (AGYW & ABYM), children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and other priority population categories e.g. gold (Rupa) and marble miners (Kosiroi) in Moroto district at risk of HIV infection. Furthermore, to address the unmet demand for HIV testing among adolescents, young women, and boys (AGYWB), and men above 30years especially partners of pregnant women and nursing mothers., Despite the low HTS yield, 100% (N=132) of the HIV positive clients identified in FY24 QTR1 were all linked to care except one client in Nakapiripirit who was still in denial and is still undergoing counselling.  During FY24 QTR2, LPHS Karamoja will continue supporting the scale up of the national HTS Quality improvement collaborative in all the 67 supported health facilities to improve the quality of HTS screening, testing and the yield. The activity will continue utilizing recency data to map areas with new infections for targeted and intensified scale up of high yielding modalities like index testing, APN, and SNS among others.

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African Network for Care of Children Affected by HIV/AIDS