VMMC Health Education at Kaabong Hospital

During FY24 QTR1, LPHS-Karamoja supported the 8 MOH accredited VMMC sites1 with targets to offer VMMC services.  Further, the activity supported the Kotido and Kaabong Hospitals VMMC teams to train in the Shang Ring device method to provide the service to eligible clients. A total of 3,319 males were circumcised in FY24 QTR1, equivalent to 33% of the annual target (10,123) or 131% of the quarterly target (2,531). Of these, 11 were undertaken using the shangring method representing an achievement of 7% (11/152) of the quarterly target (table 11). Overall, the good achievement in VMMC is attributed to improved mobilization in institutions of learning, targeted outreaches to the mapped communities with high unmet need and improved post-operative care that creates client satisfaction. However, suboptimal performance in Kaabong and Karenga was attributed to but not limited to misconceptions and cancellation of outreaches due to competing activities in the districts. The activity will continue to provide targeted support to the districts with low performance, particularly targeting Shangring method uptake in Kotido and Kaabong Hospitals to scale up performance in the forthcoming quarter to enable them to achieve the bi-annual target. During FY24 QTR2, the activity will focus on targeting the 30+ men with quality demand creation approaches for VMMC. The Activity will also scale up mentorships to all 8 target sites and support establishment of VMMC surgical outpatient day for prioritizing walk-in clients

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