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ANECCA with the support of UNICEF has organized a mentorship session for the people in areas such as Karamoja to improve ways of monitoring HIV testing including Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) and Viral Load (VL) in order to improve identification of new HIV cases in children, adolescents, mothers and other adults. Uganda has established the national quality assurance system for Point of care testing to increase access to Point of care (POC) External Quality Assurance (EQA ). In order to have successful implementation, there is need to train a pool of trainers who were used to roll out the EQA services at facility level.

Orientation of CSOs

ANECCA has planned to orient CSO organization in basic HIV counseling and PSS support for children and adolescents. The gained skills will bridge the gap in psychosocial care at a community level and advocacy for the psychosocial care and support of children and adolescents at all levels.PSS care and counseling TOT for children and adolescents in Uganda Dec 2016. The ANECCA through a technical team from the secretariat, complimented and supervised the Tanzanian  National training of trainers team. The facilitation team has a wealth of experience in Pediatric/Adolescent Care and Management in general and Psychosocial Care and Counseling for Children and Adolescents in particular Development of Curricular and Training Materials Country/Regional Level Training of Trainers.

Teen Club sessions

While lauding teen clubs, ALHIV in FGDs, particularly those participating in teen clubs not linked to ART clinic, indicated that there was potential for greater benefits if certain clinical services such as treatment of minor ailments and ART refills were offered during teen club sessions. Evidently, a participant from Mhuju health facility in Rumphi remarked:

“…some of us come from far…..and it is not easy to get here, we have to walk and it’s difficult, that’s why we want to be getting our medication the same day we come for teen clubs because we have fixed days for teen clubs and everyone knows that we all have to attend, sometimes we come for teen club but then have to come again to collect medicines, it would be better if such services were integrated.



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